Since it was founded in July 1980, Kaohsiung Municipal Jhong-Jheng Industrial High School, has made great contribution to the development of industrial technology. The first principal, Mr. Huang Hsiao-yen, laid a sound foundation for the school. The second principal Mr. Wu Yin-chang, the third principal Mr. Chen Shou-Zen, and the fourth principal Mr. Wu Shan-Jing, went to run the successfully promote its reputation. In August 2007, the current principal, Mr. Yang Dyi-Long began his administration, and will lead the school to a bright and prospective future.

     Our day school consists of eleven departments - Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Architecture Engineering,  Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Engineering, Auto-control Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Drawing Engineering, Computer Science, Automobile Engineering, and Metal-craft Engineering, with a total of about 2300 students.

     Our night school consists of four departments - Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metal-craft Engineering and Computer Science. Also, there are nine Skill-training classes. The number of the students is about 956 altogether.
Another feature for this school is the classes for excellent senior high school athletes.  To win great honor for the school in athletic competitions, a variety of school athletic teams are developed, including judo, baseball, softball, soccer, track and field, weight lifting, gymnastics, etc.

     Our school is characterized by having an excellent studying environment in which humanities and social science are equally emphasized with industrial technology. Since 1985, it has successively held the so-called "Literature and Art Festival" where students learn the know-how to appreciate great works of Art and Literature. And much to our pride, our brass band has won the 1st prize at Taiwan Music Contest for 18 consecutive years.